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Nytro stands out as a dedicated coarse fishing brand meticulously crafted by anglers for anglers, placing a strong emphasis on ensuring absolute consumer satisfaction. Whether it’s the competitive pricing, aesthetic appeal, or top-notch performance, rest assured that a NYTRO product provides unparalleled value for your money.

Our primary focus centers around Feeder fishing on both commercial and natural venues. Given our concentration on rod and reel fishing in commercial settings, our key commercial range now includes pellet waggler rods. Beyond rods and reels, we’ve expanded our product line to encompass essential items tailored for feeder and commercial-style fishing. This includes match luggage, EVA storage solutions, braid and mono lines, brollies, seat boxes, and a specially designed feeder chair. Additionally, we offer anglers an extensive selection of landing nets, landing net handles, various keep nets, and stylish match wear.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, we’ve introduced an array of new and innovative products. Notable additions include the Targetz Bullet and Cage Feeders, as well as the Steady Rest and KlipOn accessories. Excitingly, our product development pipeline is brimming with upcoming releases. We’re committed to delivering cleverly designed and innovatively developed products, all conceived by our team of dedicated anglers.

NYTRO trademark of Sonik Sports Ltd.

Sonik Sports was formed in 2008 by a group of like-minded anglers who combined a passion for the sport with an in-depth industry knowledge and experience. Even if the Sonik brand can also be found in the sea, coarse and spinning market, as a brand name Sonik is almost synonymous for carp fishing gear, offering a wide range of quality products with brand names such as Xtractor, Tournos, VaderX and Gizmo.

The company’s Head Office is based in Northumberland in the UK. The company also has a big stance and an ever-growing presence throughout Europe with a second Distribution Centre near Prague, in the Czech Republic to service its European dealer network. With over 900 dealers worldwide now, Sonik Sports Ltd. is one of the major, market-leading manufacturers of quality fishing products.



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