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The Nytro Sublime Sinking Feeder Mono has been designed for feeder fishing. As the line sinks the transparent deep bronze color disappears against most backgrounds. It is strong, yet supple, so it casts really well and it offers a high knot strength. Ideal as a reel line and just as good when used as a shock leader, as it stretches well and hugs the bottom.

  • High quality sinking monofilament
  • Designed for feeder fishing
  • Precision diameter
  • Strong, supple and superb knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Available in six popular diameters
  • Supplied on 150-meter spools
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ModelFeeder MonoFeeder MonoFeeder MonoFeeder MonoFeeder MonoFeeder Mono
Diameter0,16 mm0,18 mm0,20 mm0,23 mm0,26 mm0,28 mm
Breaking Strain (lb)4 lbs5 lbs7 lbs9 lbs11 lbs13 lbs
Breaking Strain (kg)1.8 kg2.3 kg3.2 kg4.1 kg5.0 kg5.9 kg


  1. David Purchase

    I’m a Colmic line person for reel and rig lines as I’ve find them the best for my style of fishing and their diameter to strength very good.

    However, having used the Nytro lines 9lb reel and 6.2 lb rig lines for several outings now I’ve found them very good. Their knot strength, suppleness and breaking strengths are exceptional and far exceeded my expectations.

    I’ve caught spring carp upto 14 lb in snaggy swims where I’ve expected the line to part and its hasn’t.

    I can just get the 0.19 mm rig line just through the eye of the a guru mwg 18 and above that size with no problems.

    The reel line has not developed a memory yet or spins off the spool when the bale arm is left off.

    I shall be looking forward to up rating one step when summer arrives to try on those hard fighting carp and F1’s.

  2. Andy

    Ik was verbaast van de trek-kracht van deze lijn, zelfs met een dubbele knoop er in blijft deze zeer sterk.

  3. Marcel

    Foarte bune în pescuitul la feeder. Alongație controlată, culoare ce se camuflează pe substeat, rezistență mare la nod, diametru real și cel mai important : se scufundă repede…recomand aceste fire absolut senzaționale 🔝

  4. Tomasz Górka

    Świetna kolorystyka tej żyłki czyni ją niewidoczną w moich lokalnych wodach. Duża wytrzymałość na węźle jeszcze mnie nie zawiodła a używam jej od prawie roku

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