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Daniel Bender

Daniel Bender

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From my early experiences with fishing, coarse fishing quickly became my preferred choice. The array of fishing techniques applicable to almost any body of water captivated me. The passion I developed during those initial moments has endured. As a coarse angler, I enjoy the ability to personally influence various factors and continually strive towards achieving new fishing goals or devising innovative strategies.

My primary focus lies in feeder and method fishing on natural German venues, where the unpredictability of the species adds to the excitement. Currently, I dedicate much of my time to barbel fishing along my local river and engaging in distance fishing for large bream.

Visiting the waterside allows me to refine my fishing techniques or simply unwind after a day of work. I cherish the joy of fishing and delight in sharing this enthusiasm, along with captivating pictures, with those who follow and know me.


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