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Tom Pickering


Tommy Pickering

Nytro team angler & consultant

Tommy Pickering was born to win and is a household name among angling circles across the globe… not just a seasoned angler and World Champion, Tommy has also worked within the tackle industry for some of the biggest brands for over 40 years!

His list of achievements on the bank are second to none, having fished in 21 world championships (15 float only, three feeder and three Masters events). With his extensive angling knowledge and his ability to manage anglers, he has also coached the ladies World Team and the men’s Feeder Team to respectively eight and twelve medal winning positions.

Even in his later years he still enjoys his angling at any level and remains extremely competitive and is always a force to be reckoned with on the bank, fishing matches most weeks… and is still winning!

His favourite country outside the UK is Italy, but he has no favourite venue or any particular style of angling…he simply enjoys it all, wherever his fishing takes him.

Together with Alan Barnes, Tom wrote an autobiography called ‘BORN TO WIN’, a roller-coaster ride through the life of the man, the myth, the angling legend that is quite simply … TOMMY PICKERING.

Tommy's book is available from: www.tommypickeringangling.co.uk

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