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In glossy black with red accents, this is a stunning looking reel. And with a 6+1 ball bearing system it performs well too. It offers a silky smooth retrieve and really good line-lay for both mono and braid. Featuring a finely adjustable, multi-disc drag system on the spool. Ideal in combination with our Aryzon commercial rods.

  • Gear ratio 6.2:1
  • Shallow aluminium long-cast spool
  • High strength graphite body and rotor construction
  • S-curve oscillation system
  • Spring-loaded round metal line-clips
  • Screw-in handle
  • Multi-disc adjustable front drag
  • Sealed one-way clutch system
  • Oversized hollow bail wire
  • Tapered bail arm holder
  • Twist-free extra smooth line roller
  • Compact ambidextrous aluminium CNC handle
  • Comfortable T-bar handle grip
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ModelSize 3000Size 4000Size 50003000 Alu Spool4000 Alu Spool5000 Alu Spool
Line Capacity135m/0.23mm130m/0.26mm150m/0.26mm135m/0.23mm130m/0.26mm150m/0.26mm

2 reviews for ARYZON REELS

  1. Tomasz Górka

    It is the perfect combination of prefect work and nice looks. It very accurately places the line as well as the braided line on the spool which allows me to forget about tangles or bad casts. Everything works gently without any rasps or noises

  2. ian james Madden

    Now I have these reels in 4 and 5000 sizes on all my feeder rods, the reason I chose these reels is they are compact and light weight with the power I want from a reel, the drag once set to my desired pressure allows the spool to click round steadily on a run from bigger fish, the line lay is spot on allowing the line to peel off the spool on the cast with ease which is so important if you need to hit those extra long casts, above all I have every confidance in these reels

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